Letter from our Director

October 2017



That’s how many miles are on my 1999 Saturn SC2 and I’m the original owner. Last month, someone made a left turn in front of me and I had to swerve quickly to try to avoid an accident. Unfortunately, the front right corner of my car hit the back corner of hers, damaging my fender, denting the bumper, destroying the headlight and folding the hood. The insurance company said it would cost more to repair than the car is worth so they wanted to total it. My neighbor said I ought to just junk it and get a new car.

But the engine still runs great so I made a trip to the local junkyard, happened to find a similar model in the same year and color, and brought home a “new” fender, hood and bumper. I purchased a brand new headlight online to go with the $200 worth of junkyard parts. With a day’s labor in my garage, I was back on the road.

Being old with a lot of miles, faded paint and some wrinkles, dents and dings doesn’t mean that a car has to be discarded. The same is true for people. Even with a bent frame plus wear and tear on the body parts, many of our "older models" still have plenty of life in them and are able to help with transporting others to a heavenly home.

Your gift this month for Mission:Dignity is an encouragement to the retired pastors and widows we assist — often giving them fuel for continued service for the Lord in old age. I know you’ll enjoy the letter from Jim Wilcox on the back of this page as he provides an update on how God is working through him in evangelism and missions.

Thank you again for sharing so generously and for helping to keep these deserving saints on the road of Kingdom ministry. We appreciate you!


Grace and peace,

John Ambra 

John Ambra

Director of Development

P.S. Jim’s dad was an SBC pastor and home missionary for 57 years.

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