Letter from our Director

April 2017


It's just a short distance from the parking lot to the entrance of our church, but you can still get real wet making that walk in a driving rainstorm. Unless you have an umbrella.

I was glad I'd put mine in the car before leaving the house yesterday morning. By the time I pulled onto the church property, the sprinkle we were having at home had turned into a deluge with no sign of letting up soon. It was all I could do to reach my hand out the door and hit the release button on the umbrella handle.

My shoes and pant legs were damp when I got to my Sunday school room but it would have been a lot worse if I hadn't had that umbrella.

Norma Floyd misses her umbrella and not just on rainy days. She wrote us about the situation a short while back:

Thank you for your faithfulness in assisting us elders who have lost our loved ones. My precious husband was a man whose heart for the Lord was his driving force. It is his umbrella of faith I miss so much. In your way, you have become a special part of that covering, along with my loving family and my local church.

Norma and Jeff were married in 1955 and he entered the ministry in 1959. For 42 years, they served together in small churches across Indiana, Texas and Missouri. Because salaries were low and benefits few, it meant that retirement income was modest, at best. Just a month after Jeff's death in 2008, we began sending a monthly grant check to Norma and it has been such a big help to her as a widow.

Your assistance makes it possible for me to have a few extra dollars for clothing, food and gasoline which helps keep me feeling independent. That is very meaningful to me. It's sometimes easy to get to thinking one is useless when reaching their later years. However, I stay very busy. I still do flowers and decorations at our church as well as play the piano for our worship services. I also enjoy sewing costumes for our local community theater productions which keeps me involved in our community as well as my church. Your generous assistance each month is invaluable to me in keeping what I consider my ministry moving. God bless every one of you!

Thank you for your Mission:Dignity gift this month and for providing a cover of protection to folks like Norma Floyd as they walk through the storm seasons of life. Every dollar you've shared will find its way into the hands of an aged pastor or his widow, bringing showers of blessing into their homes and hearts — not just in April but all year long.

Grace and peace,

John Ambra 

John Ambra

Director of Development

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