Letter from Our Director

April 2019

Teresa and I cleaned out our closet recently and I took several bags of clothes to the nearby International Linguistics Center, a training site for Wycliffe Bible translators. Their shop allows deploying missionaries to get additional clothing at no cost and it’s been our privilege for years to share our no-longer-used items for this good purpose.

As I hauled my bags to the drop-off window, there to the side was the familiar sign I had read so often before: “Give your best to the Master.”

James and Dorothy Williams certainly gave their best. Starting in 1946, they were in pastoral ministry in rural west Texas for more than three decades and James never served a church that could contribute to a retirement plan. Today, we provide a monthly Mission:Dignity grant to Dorothy and it’s not only an encouragement to this 95-year-old pastor’s widow but to her family as well. I know you will enjoy reading their note of thanks on the back of this letter.

We appreciate you sharing so generously this month. Every dollar you’ve provided will help a retired pastor, worker or widow so they can buy groceries, pay for utilities, get essential medicine and so much more. These faithful men and women gave everything to serve us, and now, it’s our turn and our privilege to give something back in a way that honors the Lord and is a blessing to his servants.

Thanks again for giving your best to the Master!

Grace and peace,

John Ambra

John Ambra
Director of Development

James and Dorothy Williams Thank You Letter

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