Letter from Our Director

October 2019

The Energizer Bunny™ is one of the most recognized marketing mascots of all time. We’ve all seen the pink mechanical toy rabbit with his trademark sunglasses and blue-and-black flip-flops on the battery displays at local hardware or grocery stores for years.

Because he just keeps going and going and going …

One picture you won’t see on a store display is that of Dawson Morrison. He’s been around almost three times as long as the Energizer Bunny but has kept a much lower profile while pastoring for nearly five decades in Mississippi and Alabama.

After years of faithful ministry service, Dawson and his wife, Wanda, realized they needed additional financial assistance and began receiving a monthly grant from Mission:Dignity® in 2014.

“We served SBC churches for 44 years. None of them paid me much, and I was unable to have a retirement plan. We ran out of our savings when Wanda had to give up nursing due to her health. I am still serving as pastor of Mountain Home Baptist Church and do not get a salary because they are unable to compensate me. We can get food from our garden, and that helps give us something to eat.

“The assistance from Mission:Dignity is a blessing we never expected. Without it, we could not pay for health or life insurance and buy the gas we need to do our church work as well as meet other needs. Thank you and all those who give and make such a wonderful program possible.

“P.S. I have no plans to retire from ministry — ever!”

Thank you so much for giving generously this month. The dollars you’ve shared help nearly 1,700 retired pastors and their spouses — like Dawson and Wanda — take care of everyday essentials and even cover the cost of some emergencies that arise. What’s more, you’re enabling many of them to continue in kingdom ministry well into their later years.

Because of you, they have the power to keep going and going and going …

Grace and peace,

John Ambra
John Ambra
Director of Development

P.S. Since you are a highly valued partner of the Mission:Dignity ministry, we want to share a few internal changes and updates with you. John Ambra, who has served as the director of development for more than 20 years, will continue in this role while also being freed from some of the more administrative responsibilities he has accumulated over time. Our hope is that this change will allow him to focus more on deepening relationships with both our cherished donors and beloved recipients.

Taking on more of the leadership role within the ministry will be Dr. Aaron Meraz, who has served as donor relations manager for two years and will now assume the role of director of Mission:Dignity. Dr. Meraz came to GuideStone® after serving Southern Baptists for 30 years as a pastor and professor. Be looking for John or Aaron in a local church near you! And yes, you will continue to hear from both of them in the monthly letters! We appreciate you!


Your friends at Mission:Dignity

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