Our Ministry for Almost 100 Years

From the beginning, a relief program has been a part of GuideStone Financial Resources. In 1981, the Adopt An Annuitant ministry was established to operate side-by-side with the relief program. Funds from the SBC Cooperative Program initially supported the relief program, but all the funds used by this new ministry came from an endowed fund and gifts made directly to the ministry.

The first Adopt An Annuitant recipients received $25 per month. In 1984 the monthly amount was raised to $50 and then to $75 in 1998. The relief program and the Adopt An Annuitant ministry were merged into a single program under the Adopt An Annuitant name in 2002. Guidelines for the newly merged Adopt An Annuitant ministry raised the monthly assistance to $200 for single recipients and $265 for married recipients.

In 2008, the ministry changed its name to Mission:Dignity to better share the heart of our ministry: giving back to those who sacrificed so much. Through the years Mission:Dignity also expanded the guidelines so that single recipients now receive $225 and married couples receive $300. The neediest couples with at least 25 years of ministerial service are eligible for as much as $600 each month.

More than $7 million is paid out annually by Mission:Dignity to help retired Southern Baptist ministers, workers and their widows whose income is insufficient to meet their needs. Much of the funding for the ministry comes from the direct gifts of individuals, groups and churches in our Southern Baptist family.

You can participate in this ministry by sending a gift, funding a Charitable Gift Annuity, designating the ministry as the beneficiary of your life insurance, will or estate plan, or requesting materials to share with others.