Mission:Dignity, the Heart of GuideStone

Mission:Dignity is often referred to as the heart of GuideStone because helping retired ministers and their widows in need has been at the center of our work since we started almost 100 years ago. But we’re also the hands — as we provide an opportunity for our Southern Baptist family to be Christ’s hands extended to those who have served us so faithfully in decades past.

The extra help each month is such a blessing to those on the receiving end. They can buy groceries, pay a utility bill, or get prescriptions and medical care. They don’t have to choose between food and medicine. But it’s more than just the money. As one of our retired pastors noted, the Mission:Dignity check is "like receiving a hug from the Savior and hearing a small voice say, ‘You are loved and not forgotten, my son.’"

Please join us in this important work. You can find out more of our history, read notes of thanks from the people we help and see how you can share a gift right now. You can order materials to share with your church or Sunday school class. We also have a variety of planned giving options that you may find beneficial. If you know of someone in need — or are in need yourself — you can download an application for assistance.

While these links will be of help to you, please contact us directly by mail, phone or email if you have additional questions. Our staff will be glad to assist you as, together, we make life better for God’s retired servants!