Charitable Gift Annuity

A charitable gift annuity is a great way for you to receive a steady source of income that does not shrink for the remainder of your life and, at the same time, help secure the future of the Mission:Dignity ministry.

When you fund a charitable gift annuity, you permanently transfer cash or marketable securities to GuideStone Financial Resources. In exchange, GuideStone makes fixed annual, semi-annual or quarterly payments to you for the remainder of your life.

At your death, any remaining value is earmarked for GuideStone’s Mission:Dignity program — helping retired ministers and their widows find dignity and comfort in their declining years — and your legacy continues to touch lives well into the future.

Two-life gift annuities, where GuideStone makes payments to you and your spouse (or other designated individual) for the remainder of both of your lives, are also available. The minimum gift amount is $5,000 for a one-life or $10,000 for a two-life charitable gift annuity.

If you would like a personalized proposal, complete the Qualified Charitable Gift Annuity Inquiry form. For more information contact Mission:Dignity at GuideStone by calling 1-877-888-9409 or email us.

The Mission:Dignity ministry relies on the support of churches and individuals to provide this vital assistance. You can participate in this ministry by sending a gift, designating the ministry as the beneficiary of a life insurance policy, your will or estate plan or a trust, or requesting materials to share with others. You can also read more about who we help.

All charitable gift annuities issued by GuideStone Financial Resources (GuideStone) of the Southern Baptist Convention are not regulated by the insurance departments (or other applicable state departments) of any state and are not protected by a guaranty association affiliated with any insurance departments (or other applicable state departments). Based on certain ages, some annuities may not qualify under guidelines of GuideStone. If such is the case, you will be contacted regarding alternative methods of charitable giving. GuideStone does not offer charitable gift annuities in all states. In some cases, we may use the services of state Baptist foundations.