Stock or mutual funds

Two easy ways to give stock to Mission:Dignity:

A. If your broker (or banker) holds the certificates:
  1. Tell your broker or banker what shares are to be transferred to GuideStone Financial Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention®.
  2. Have the broker call GuideStone's Mission:Dignity office at (214)720-4708 to receive instructions on the disposition of the donated shares.
  3. Stock valuation will be the average of the high and low trading prices as of the date shares are transferred to GuideStone®.

The securities should be transferred to GuideStone Financial Resources' account at:

  • Attention: Damian Escobar
    Merrill Lynch
    13355 Noel Rd., Ste. 700
    Dallas, TX 75240-1510
    Telephone: (972) 386-1302
  • Merrill Lynch’s DTC number is 8862.
  • GuideStone Financial Resources' account number is 586-02576.
  • GuideStone Financial Resources' federal ID # is 75-0939949.
B. If you hold the certificate:
  1. Send UNENDORSED certificate by REGISTERED mail to the Mission:Dignity office of GuideStone Financial Resources.
            Attn: Mission:Dignity
            GuideStone Financial Resources SBC
            5005 LBJ Freeway, Ste. 2200
            Dallas, TX  75244-6152
  2. By SEPARATE first class mail, send an Irrevocable Stock/Bond Power signed exactly as your name appears on the UNENDORSED certificate. Do not fill out any other information. Stock Power forms can be obtained from your broker, banker, GuideStone Financial Resources or Damian Escobar at Merrill Lynch (972-386-1302).
  3. Sign and have notarized a third-party release form, also available through GuideStone Financial Resources or Merrill Lynch, and mail with the Stock/Bond Power form.
  4. Include a letter indicating the stock is a gift to the Mission:Dignity ministry.
  5. Stock valuation will be the average of the high and low trading prices as of the postmark date on the envelope (or next market trading day, if a weekend or holiday) containing the stock power.

For more information, contact Mission:Dignity by calling 1-877-888-9409 or email us.

The Mission:Dignity ministry relies on the support of churches and individuals to provide this vital assistance. You can participate in this ministry by sending a gift, funding a Charitable Gift Annuity, designating the ministry as the beneficiary of your will, estate plan or trust, or requesting materials to share with others. You can also read more about who we help.