Trusts offer a flexible way to give a permanent gift to the Mission:Dignity ministry. The basic idea of a trust involves the transfer of ownership of an asset to a trustee who will manage it. The trustee is then responsible for managing the asset in accordance with the instructions in the trust document.

Trusts can be funded with cash, stocks and bonds, real estate or other assets and offer a variety of benefits. A trust can provide income for life, valuable tax savings and the security of professional financial management with the ability to provide for a cause that is special to you. You may also avoid probate for assets in a trust.

There are several different types of trusts and a qualified financial or legal advisor can help you determine which may work best for you. For more information contact Mission:Dignity at GuideStone by calling 1-877-888-9409 or email us.

The Mission:Dignity ministry relies on the support of churches and individuals to provide this vital assistance. You can participate in this ministry by sending a gift, funding a Charitable Gift Annuity, designating the ministry as the beneficiary of your life insurance, will or estate plan, or requesting materials to share with others. You can also read more about who we help.